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  1. Hi! You seems to have quite much Sony – and I think maybe quite much of knowledge of these items – so I hesitated to contact to you :) So, I have D303 and outputs are heavily distorted when player has warmed up a little bit. When it’s cold or fully warm distortion doesn’t exist. I found that IC BA3570FS(with cold spray) and few capacitors were defective. After changing capacitors problem is still there :( Can you advice me where I can buy this IC to get player fixed?

    Finland, Europe

  2. I’ve come across a WM-F200III thats in perfect condition…. I wanted to figure out what history this thing held and a site told me that it was $200 brand new in 1989… I’m guessing you have a fairly good background knowledge of old walkmans, perhaps you could help me out?

  3. Have Sony BP-2 Charger/battery case. No battery.
    Not tested. Appears intact. Very little wear. With all cords in excellent shape. For 8-301 and 5-303w

  4. I have a Sony DAT Walkman TCD-D7 and cannont get the tape out of it. When I press and HOLD-OPEN the UPLOAD sign appears but will not release the tape cassette. The unit also flashes on and off every 10 seconds! Any ideas?

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