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WM-DD9 wm-ex2000 wm-F2 wm-ex20 wm-ex90 wm-f202 wm-501  BLK wm-ex9  BLK wm-ex7  YEL WM-EX5 wm-ex3 wm-ex2  BLUE wm-dx100 wm-190 wm-150 BLK wm-109 wm-104 wm-103 SILV _wm-ex811 wm-GX622 SILV wm-rx707 wm-r2 13WM-701C 7WM-51 13tps-L2 10WM-DDI 15WM-DD30 2WM-EX508 wm-we1 WM-WX1 BLK wm-wx777 1sonyvintage.comWM-50 RED WM-D6C BLK wm-102 FUX wm-101 SILV wm-30 wm-2  RED wm-1 wm-FS420 5 wm-ex670 wm-ex505 wm-ex678 WM-EX922 WM-EX2 wm-f107 wm-509 SILV wm-507 wm-505 wm-fx777 wm-fx808 wm-fx999 wm-f404 SILV wm-f501 wm-F15 SILV wm-FX1 BLK wm-F101 wm-ex655 wm-fx707 wm-ex633 wm-ex631 wm-ex622 RED wm-ex606 wm-ex555 wm-ex85 RED wm-ex80 wm-ex77 wm-ex70 wm-ex66 blue wm-509 SILV wm-507 wm-505 wm-fx777 wm-fx808 wm-fx999 1

Added Galleries : CD Walkman – Discman D-303 D-EJ815 2D-20 2D-50 10 D-626 1D-50MKII 1D-90 13D-250 2D-100 18D-99 D-606k D-T20 D-700 BLK D-330 D-250 SILV D-211 D-Z555 D-EJ01 d-777 D-515 D-350 D-202 D-151 D-150 WHT B D-145 D-135 D-101 D-100 BLK D-82 BLK D-66 D-50 B D-33 D-11 D-465 D-NE900 D-E999 3

Added Galleries : Minidisc MD Walkman MZ-R3 MZ-2P MZ-1 15MZ-R50 4MZ-RH1 mz-E55 mz-E75 mz-E80 MZ-E90 SILV MZ-E800 mz-R2 MZ-R91 WHT 7

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question:
    I have a Walkman WM-F10II which is new in the box. Box has been unsealed but its contents are pristine and have never been used.I recently listed it on eBay with a minimum bid of $200. Does this sound about right to you? Or was I selling myself short by listing it too low?
    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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