Sony WM-50 (1985)


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  1. Hi,

    I bought the grey one on the internet some years ago. I have a large collection of prerecorded audio cassettes, and love listening to music on all formats. When I bought mine, people were already using phones to play music, but I used the WM50 for fun. It looks great and the sound quality was really nice. I sometimes used the player to make digital files of some of my cassettes to prevent wear. Sadly, it just stopped working last year, and I don’t know anyone who repairs cassette players anymore, at least here in London. I kept the unit because I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. It looks really stylish and retro. I hope someday someone can repair it. This was one of the problems with analog equipment – more moving parts = more wear. In this era where people have moved on to digital it is hard to find a) someone who can repair units like this (economically), and b) the actual parts required for some of these older players. Oh well, I do have one or two other Sony Walkman players and though not as cool as these, the sound quality is still very good. I am always on the lookout for another WM50.

  2. Seeing the news head-lines about the Walkman is 35 years old this year it had me reminiscencing about the best model i ever owned. This was it! The design was so sleek, and the partial diecast metal body very durable. If i recall correctly these were the first models that had the folding in-ear style headphones that would later become to be associated with the sport model.

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