Sony D-EJ01 D-E01 DISCMAN (1999)

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    • dear Rafael. I already have one boxed in working condition. thanks for the offer.

      To help you i have put your link here.

      your player seems in good condition and it might hit high price as it is a rare item. so be sure if you really want to sell it …

      hope you enjoy my site :-) . I am still working on it to improve.

      best regards and good luck!.

      • Hello
        Nice site! I own a D-EJ01 player in original package, including certificates, World wide garantie, original receipt (274.00£), bought on 27 feb 2000 in Dixons at Heathrow Airport in London. I even have two never used original flat rechargeable batteries for the internal battery slot.

        I wonder if you know about anyone who would like to by this item? If not, where would I find a byer do you think? What would be a fair price for this item in perfect mint condition?

        Sonny Modig

  1. Need battery holder (for the AA batteries) for the Sony D-EJ01. Mine damaged from leaky AA’s. Anyone with this?

  2. Greetings & Salutations All!

    I am search for a Sony D-E01 in brand new/immaculate condition with all the original goodies in its original box! Just to confirm I’m after the one with the disc sliding mechanism. I’m from Australia so please email me with what you have & your price.
    Thank you!

    Kind Regards,


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