Sony MZ-RH1 / MZ-M200 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman (2006)


9 thoughts on “Sony MZ-RH1 / MZ-M200 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman (2006)

  1. I own a Sony MZ-RH1 / MZ-M200 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman .I am totally confused about this model number .the model has mz 200 on it .when I put mz 200 in the search the sony Mz-RH 1 keeps coming up .Why is that .I wanted to sell the model I have but i am confused about it.Can you help me >Thank You

  2. God, I was thinking to buy this walkman on January 2012 but was to expensive: £240.
    I thought it’s to expensive! lol.
    NOW, trying to buy this on ebay and the price is £600…the cheapest one cost £585!

    This walkman has the best components on the market, even the aplifier it’s HiFi and absolutely low-low noise; the bass it’s so rich and is very good on songs with lots of reverberation.

    • Dear christi, think 500 600 GBP is rather high. Think 200 -250 for a mint condition is more realistic. Try to search ebay on a regular base to check. the price are indeed going up. i bought mine 120 GBP mint no box. sound is excellent. built quality can be compared to the MZ-1 of 1992.

  3. Hi There; can somebody tell me where i can get this MD to buy??? been trying 4 a couple of months. i would like to get 2x the MD MZ M200 Grey Silver if posible on a good price, thnx U kindly; Marlon

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