Sony MZ-2P MD Walkman (1992)


6 thoughts on “Sony MZ-2P MD Walkman (1992)

  1. Great pics of a once popular product. I have two new top cover (with buttons) assemblies for these soon to be antiques. With hard use, problems with wear use to come up so I had ordered these for repairs. Hate to throw them out…but not sure how to get them to someone who could use them. I know some people love the vintage equipment or have a fondness for a certain model no matter how old. Sony always seem to be a fore runner in packaging up new technologies!

    Thank you,

    John M.

  2. Hi, I just came across 3 of these, all working, with 2 carry-cases (and 3 Sony 10.5v adapters). I’ll be putting them on eBay next week if I can’t unload them locally.

    • Ryan: Do you by any chance still have these adapters for the Sony MZ1 Walkman, or know of where to buy one of these please……Thanks Robert

      • dear Robert, it needs a 10,5 volt charger. These are hard to find. Dont try 12v charger, will damage the player. 9v will not work. Some Portable dvd players had 10,5v of Sony. Try ebay regular base or buy a faulty one. br Quo

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