Sony WM-EX2000 Cassette Walkman (2000)


2 thoughts on “Sony WM-EX2000 Cassette Walkman (2000)

  1. Almost identical to the WM-EX910
    (even the PCB inside says both WM-EX2000 and WM-EX910)
    Seems like this is “normal” for the aluminium-case late 90s/early 00s walkmans to have one base design with 2 or 3 (sometimes 4) different model numbers with only slightly different specs (or just a different casing, but same electronics)

  2. It really does not have the same electronics. Despite the WM-EX2000 is more expensive, partly because of the charging station, plus a few more features, such as auto-dial button to the side of the tape and the MegaSurround, the WM-EX910 has a superior sound quality. I checked with the oscilloscope that the WM-EX910 has a sound much more crisp and clean, however the WM-EX2000 has a constant background noise, most likely due to the function MegaSurround, that even if idle makes its presence felt. The electronics 910 is simpler, and therefore more pure. Instead, the transport mechanism is exactly the same. As for the aesthetics, the year 2000 is more fascinating.

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