5 thoughts on “Sony MZ-1 MD Walkman (1992)

  1. I have an MZ-1 that I bought new on 4-3-1995. It has never been abused and in my estimation used sparingly. The unit will not eject a tape once it has been inserted. The play back is still great. I have had several estimates and all say that it is not repairable since parts are no longer available. I wonder if I sent the unit back to Sony in Japan if it could not be fixed. Seems ashamed such a wonderful unit is not repairable. Any suggestions. Thank you Paul

    • hi , try to repair it. i think the small motor inside to eject the disc is broken. this model go on ebay for 100 euro in normal condition. try to keep yours as a spare one.

      br Quo

  2. I have an mz-1 and i need a power supply ….where can i find one..a have mixed recordings on these mds n cant play them…please help thank you….

  3. Sorry, in Spanish.
    Yo tengo este equipo desde 1992. Está roto porque el cargador se quemó y con él el minidisc. Tengo la esperanza de poder repararlo en algun momento.
    Lo mejor que hubo en equipos de musica portables.
    Google help :

    I have this device since 1992. It’s broken because the charger burned and with it the minidisc. I hope to fix it at some point.
    The best that was in portable music devices.

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