19 thoughts on “Sony WM-DD9 CASSETTE WALKMAN (1989)

  1. I found a WM-DD9 at an estate sale a few days ago. I didn’t have a clue, it was priced at $5, and I offered $3 and got it. Today I popped in a AA battery and a Neil Diamond cassette. It sounds great, and now I learn it is the “Holy Grail” of Walkmans. I haven’t decided whether to list it on eBay or keep it to play cassettes I will record on a Pioneer CT-F9191. There are no “dd9″s on eBay right now, but I don’t really need the money.

  2. Hi,

    I have a WM-DD9 which I bought new when it came out. It has been sitting in its case for years now, and has always been used that way. So it looks great and sounds great as well. I do not have the original headphones anymore. I would consider selling it for a good price, as I am saving up for a Canon D5 camera. Feel free to contact me. Walkman is in the Netherlands.

  3. I bought the DD9 new in the eighties with money safed from my paperroute (it took a while…). It was my pride and joy for years. I still have it and will not sell. I regretting throwing away the box 10 year back after keeping it for so long. I lost the original battery and charger somehwere and the headphones were stolen soon after it. I replaced it then with an new MDR-484 which was even better.
    Year later I bought my FA-3ES amplifier which I still use every day. Just love Sony HE stuff!

    • BRAVO!
      If you want to get a perfect match with the earphones, you have to try the Aiwa HP-V99, are higher than 484, blend well with the DD9.

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