11 thoughts on “Sony WM-51 CASSETTE WALKMAN (1987)

    • I have one, Perfect condition and in good working order….
      I’d like it to go to a good home…
      based in the UK

      • Hi Franky Dude,
        How much did you sell your Walkman for, as I have one and am looking for a price, mine is in perfect condition as well. Thanks.

  1. I have some really good memories with this cassete player. I listen to it with joy.
    Back in those day’s it was a beauty. It stil is. That say’s enough. Sony made really a good design for this. And then you get good memories ;-)

  2. One sold on ebay recently for about £40, and it needed repairs. I think a good working one might get you double that.

  3. I have one, Good Working Order, Pristine. In carry case.
    Offers invited. I’d really like it to go to a good home!

  4. I am interested in buying a mint one (it would be even better if it is boxed and complete.) Anybody has it for sale?

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