Sony TPS-L2 WALKMAN (1979)


7 thoughts on “Sony TPS-L2 WALKMAN (1979)

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  2. Owned one of this in 2013, this is a piece of history and the beginning of Walkman brand. This wonderful machine was designed with care for those who will use it, you can see this in the way it was made, using top materials and finish. Sound is very good, even if not completely mature as Walkman sound. Huge step forward, some of the other future Walkman devices will be better and better in terms of sound, and maybe not so long lasting like this machine. For first ever Walkman, splendid job, Sony ! The first

  3. I just picked one of these up at an auction. I was going to resell it for about $600 due to its long history but then another seller contacted me and told me they sold one in similar condition for $2000 just a year earlier. Mine is a nonworking model but it had everything with it including the box. Fixing these is fairly simple. Mine was cosmetically perfect with no scratches at all on the unit. The carrying case showed some wear and the headphones were missing the foam, but still it was a great find. Instead of fixing the bands which is most likely the cause of my unit not working, I decided to try and sell it as is. I immediately got an offer for $600 on it but I decided to hold out for at least $1200. I want to make a quick sale and this is my best find to date as a picker because of the history behind these great devices. They are very collectible and hard to find so if you find one I suggest you pick it up. I am disappointed it didn’t work because I wanted to listen to cassette tape for the first time in like 15 years. Oh well.

  4. The TPS-L2 in fact, was the very first ‘Walkman’ Sony sold in this country. I was in the sales meeting at 47-47 Van Dam Street in Long Island City, the then NY headquarters for, at the time, Sony Corporation of America. It wasn’t often that the Japanese engineers would walk in with a new product to introduce to the sales force for the NY market, this day was one of those exceptions. They had one sample with them and it started going down the line of salesmen on the other side of the conference table. Upon seeing the piece, I immediately discounted the “sound” the engineers said this unit could generate. Let’s just say I wasn’t a believer. Even as I watched salesman after salesman react in amazement as they tried it, I still couldn’t imagine what they were hearing. And then it was my turn….and the rest is is history. Those were great years as I was part of a company that seemingly became known overnight as the premier quality electronic line. From the Tummy TV to Trinitron color to Walkman to Betamax. It was the beginning of a dynasty in the industry.

  5. Dude, this walkman is in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I never figured out that this was the first in the line of history. I mean wooooooow!

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