2 thoughts on “CD WALKMAN DISCMAN (1997)

  1. I just bought the car kit version of this for $59 NIB still sealed. It is getting harder and harder to find a decent reliable CD player locally for those times when you have old CD’s that are not worth downloading onto your laptop and then on to an MP3 player. Like various self help stuff you might like to review ever 10 years or so. Books on CD that you rarely listen too like your old Harry Potter books on CD. The stuff available at Target, Walmart and the like are junk. I have had 3 fail in short order. I am using an Old Aiwa that was my Dad’s!

    Plus most MP3 players have less then stellar bass and their power output is sad. I get tired of having to use a headphone amp for rather mundane things and less then hard to drive headphones. I should not need an 18V CMOS headphone amp just to have decently dynamic, rich and powerful sound. I find these old CD players are a good jump up in sound quality as compared to most MP3 players.

    If ever I am so gimp and weak that the weight and bulk of a CD player is too much for me then I might change my mind. When you look at the size of todays smart phones, tablets and the like you would think they could beef up the audio output.

    I think it is sad to have devices that are able to capture and reproduce sound at an insane level of fidelity if they can not produce and output signal with enough volume and headroom to be dynamic and vibrant! CD players are not perfect but in many ways the output signal to the headphone sounds more dynamic and very solid and rich.

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